WDR Filmscore Award

Ludwig Peter Müller won the WDR Filmscore Award at SoundTrack Cologne 18, 2021. He can record for one day with the WDR Funkhausorchester and was provided with the flagship sampling libraries by OrchestralTools.

The juries and award winners at SoundTrack_Cologne, including Rachel Portman, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award

The jury consisted of Jef van Even (Chaussee SoundVision), Barbara Krämer (Bavaria Sonor music publisher), film composer Alex Komlew, film composer Flemming Nordkrog (HARPA Award 2021) and Michael Seal (Associate Conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO), guest conductor WDR Funkhausorchester)

Jury statement:

“This work left us with the feeling that something special was happening while we watched it. It’s journey from humour to pathos was special in that it was created from minimal instrumental means. Additionally, by just changing the tempo of the drumset, effective and unexpected emotional narrative impact was provided, and it was the film we all wanted to see again and again.”